Grades & Assignments

You must complete all major assignments. If you do not submit all materials for each project, you will not pass the class. I am particularly twitchy about work you do that involves your fellow students. Take it seriously.

You should submit your work on time. Late work will only be accepted if you consult with me prior to the class period in which the work is due. Work is considered to be late after 5:00 pm (your time) on the due date.

GPA Percentage

A 100 – 94 percent

A- 93 – 90 percent

B+ 89 – 87 percent

B 86 – 83 percent

B- 82 – 80 percent

C+ 79 – 77 percent

C 76 – 73 percent

C- 72 – 70 percent

D+ 69 – 67 percent

D 66 – 63 percent

D- 62 – 60 percent

F 59 and below



I reserve the right to lower course grades dependent on unprofessional behavior to include but not be limited to class attendance, disrespectful behavior towards others, or turning in late work.

Graduate course work is a job, albeit one with terrible pay. As such you are expected to behave in a professional manner during both our class time and online interactions. Professionalism should be understood as not only showing up on time and being prepared and ready to work but also having an awareness of the implications of unprofessional behaviors i.e. bad grades. Each of us should feel free to express our thoughts and opinions openly, without fear of penalty, as long as we do so in a courteous way. Although we may not always agree with one another and may challenge each other to think about the course’s materials in new ways, I expect you to treat every person in this class as a valuable and respected member. Refrain from speaking, whispering, sleeping, playing on the computer, checking your cell phone, or engaging in other disrespectful behavior while someone else has the floor. When you enter the classroom, you should be engaged with the class.