Project 3: Organizational Writing Audit Proposal Memo

100 points

Welcome to the final assignment for our class. As we finish up in these last few weeks, I hope you have gained an insight into how writing differs in organizational and professional settings in addition to understanding some theories about how organizations use writing to organize human, and sometimes even nonhuman, behavior.

In this final project, I would like you to write a formal proposal for researching writing and communication practices in an organization.

What I would like to see is 8-10 page single spaced memo where you outline an organizational writing topic to gain “Topsite”. My hope is that this document is actually something you could use to propose to an organization you are a part of.

Where to begin: Pick a place. The goal here is to be able to make real persuasive moves that are grounded in the world. Once you have that place, start thinking about research questions that you want to ask and the value of those questions to the people in the organization. Why should they care? How can you convince them that they should.

Next, try reviewing your posts from the semester and thinking about which texts from the class and which external research you have done from Projects 1 & 2 are most helpful to you here.

I imagine you will make great use of the advice that Spinuzzi gives on proposals on page 63-67.

  • Audience: organizational professionals
  • Content: Roughly 4500 word single spaced memo containing the following:
  • Deliverable: proposal memo
    • Introduction: articulates value and nation of project to organization
    • Literature review: Focused relevant synthesizes and summarizes existing work in a way relevant to organization
    • Research description: brief “elevator” description of the project for participants.
    • Proposed protocol: description of data collection methodology and analytical models to be deployed as well as rational for choice.
    • Consent form: for participants to sign
    • Site letter: See Spinuzzi (Topsite, 52-53)

No late work turned in after the due Dec. 2nd will be accepted.