Weekly Discussions

100 points

Before 5:00 pm on Fridays, each participant will post an informal response to the class discussion list for the course, using that week’s readings (and/or synthesizing these with previous weeks’ readings) to respond to one or more of the questions. Or– a writer might respond to someone else’s responses, explore other questions she finds compelling, make connections to other areas of inquiry with which she is familiar . . . and so on. These responses should be roughly 250-500 words and be cast as constructive, crucial commentary.

Please take the time to read each others comments. This is really how most people learn professionalism in graduate school. Further–at least five times over the course of the semester, each participant should respond briefly to one or more of the other writers’ posts within the next week. Each participant may “take off” composing a response the weeks in which she is preparing a critique for class discussions, as well as one additional week for whatever reason (conference, melt down, exhaustion). She should, however, still read others’ responses during that week.